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We the Good Shepherd Sisters, our staff, volunteers and collaborators coming from different cultures, languages, countries and religions strive to heal a world disturbed by sin and conflict.

Our specific orientation is to women, girls and children (Constitutions NO.6) who are marginalized, exploited and humiliated (V.C.75).

Because of our common ethical concerns and universal values we are deeply committed to their human and spiritual healing and to their integral development (Constitutions No.6).

"Human & Spiritual Development" We believe that all women possess energy, power and awareness. The center helps to develop these skills.

Introduction to the Fountain of Life Women's Center in Pattaya-Thailand

Responding to the needs of women and children exploited by the sex tourist industry we started a drop-in-center for them in 988.

The women's project is well established now and is well known to women working in the bars in Pattaya.

The aim of the Center is to provide a place where friendship, education, healthcare, counseling and support are given in a safe and caring environment. The number of students attending the Center daily is between 250 and 300.

Every year we are able to help about 2150 women. Their age range is between 15 years to 65 years.

Approximately 62% of the women who come to our Centre are working in the 'tourist industry'

Most women who come to are Center are from the remote villages in the North and North East of Thailand. The women who work in the sex industry missed out on an education because of extreme poverty and/or the lack of opportunities.

Beneficiaries of the project

On a yearly basis approximately 2150 women come to our Center. This number does not include the number of women, children and families we assist through our outreach programs in the slum areas.

Present situation at the Fountain of Life Women's Center:

The Center is open for classes from Monday to Friday

from 09.30 to 11.30 am

12.30 to 14.30 pm

and 17.30 to 19.00 pm

Educational opportunities and marketable skills are provided during this time.

The women who come to our Center attend our educational programs. Those who are able are given the opportunity to sit for state exams and pursue studies at a higher academic level.

We also do everything possible to secure citizenship for the women as well as for their children.

Many of them have rented a room in the slum area, which is an unsafe place and a place of crime and rampant drug and alcohol abuse. The rooms are unhygienic, noisy and hot. It is almost impossible to study. Through helping the women we hope to break the vicious circle of poverty and abuse for themselves and their children. The children of our women can attend our Fountain of Life Center for children and we provide them with primary education and the opportunity to continue their studies or learn a trade, thus enabling them to live a life of dignity.


Monitoring ensures implementation of the goals and objectives of the Fountain of Life project for women. Monitoring and evaluation are done with the following methods.


  1. Assess implementation of activities to see if they follow the plan towards achieving overall and specific objectives.
  2. Tune up and modify process of activities to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the operation.


  • Daily morning staff motivation meeting.
  • Plan of action.
  • Evaluation of each activity.
  • Weekly plan is developed.
  • Yearly Action plan.
  • Weekly and monthly reports of the work done.


  • Quarterly report on results of the work, problems and obstacles, and recommendation for a solution.
  • Weekly staff meeting is held.
  • Meeting of the Board of FOL Foundation is held once a year.


Pope and Sister Michelle Lopez

In September 2015
Sr. Michelle was invited to Rome to share on "Women in the Streets in the Asia Pacific Region"

People Involed

Sister Regina HtooHtoo

Director Of The Project:

Provincial of the East Asia Province

Email: rhtoo.tu@gmail.com

Sister Jiemjit Thamphichai

Provincial Bursar

President of the Good Shepherd Foundation

Email: jiem62@yahoo.com

Sister Piyachat Boonmul

Director Of The Project:

Director of the Fountain of Life Women's Center

Email: piyachatrgs@gmail.com

Protecting Women and Children in Thailand & Cambodia

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